Audio Production

My first radio broadcast was back in 2005. Now, I am the Producer and Host of three podcasts distributed through all major platforms.

Video Production

With video credits ranging from Camera Operator, Director and even Producer, I am the recipient of several SCAN NATOA Star Awards

Advent Gamer

Known to rock the digital sphere with a controller in hand (and sometimes a strategy guide) ever since Mario was only eight-bits.

As you know, my show Ducks Talk has been broadcast live with the help of Mixlr and their awesome support. Recently, I read that the free version of Mixlr would no longer be supported, meaning I do not currently have a way to get Ducks Talk out live as of now. I’m posting this as […]

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Hello all, My website is still coming along, so if you find something that looks out of place, broken or plain weird, please let me know! You can easily find me on any social media site and contact me there. If you’re checking out the site for the first time, let me know what you […]

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