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Why hello there! So the whole point of me setting up this website is to attract potential clients and/or employers. I have several different credits to my name, including Audio Production Coordinator, Post Production Audio Editor, Camera Operator, Live Event Director, Video Editor, DVD Author and more.

I got started in the field of audio during 2005 when I joined the college radio station KDHR. As the days went on, I got more intrigued and interested in audio production and eventually decided to major in audio recording in 2007. I graduated from Cal State University Dominguez Hills in spring 2010 with a bachelor of arts degree in both Audio Recording and Public Relations, both of which are put to use on a regular basis at KDHR, El Segundo Television and other job sites.

I have been a part of many audio related projects in the past years. Working with El Segundo Television, I have worked as the audio engineer for many of their award-winning programs, including Music Box and El Segundo Magazine. I frequently collaborated with Leisher Entertainment to engineer,edit and mix audio on short films and other projects, including Bullets which can be seen on JTS.tv, the award-winning short Dare and others such as The Bindler and Dusk.

I must add that I am not just knowledgeable in the field of audio. I have over five years of experience working in television production. During that time, I have worked as an editor, DVD author, camera man and director for multi-camera events. Bottom line, I don’t like limiting myself to a certain field of work; I like to learn on the job and want to pick up as much as I can.

I am more than willing to send over a formal description of my job duties and experiences. Please send inquires to sj@stephenkjanes.com and I will follow-up with you at my earliest convenience.


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