As you know, my show Ducks Talk has been broadcast live with the help of Mixlr and their awesome support. Recently, I read that the free version of Mixlr would no longer be supported, meaning I do not currently have a way to get Ducks Talk out live as of now.

I’m posting this as a general question and inquiry to you all; are there other live audio streaming sources that you prefer? Do you just want the show to go back to a podcast only format? Do Facebook or YouTube work out for any of you, even though there would be no real video aspect other than my face looking into a webcam?

I want to hear from as many as I possibly can before I make a decision on what to do with this information. Don’t worry, Ducks Talk will still exist and I will still continue publishing shows on a “lazy man” deadline. I personally really enjoy the live aspect of the show as it adds a new way to interact and get you wonderful bastards involved, but I also want to make a decision with your feedback.

Message me on Twitter @DucksTalkShow or email with your response. I’ve also turned on comments for this article if you just want to leave your response here.

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@DrKerryAnne @CJhockey10 @sawcatsims I love this one. The video makes me smile every time.
@fujiiface Surprisingly, this didn't have trophies based on difficulty like the previous games did. Wish I had know……
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