Hello everybody,

Even though off-season hockey hit us, my account was more quiet than usual. Normally, I still record episodes and try to bring analysis and opinions through my Twitter account regularly to help fill the void. This summer was a little different, however, and I want to just provide an update for everybody since I have been getting a lot of questions.

Ducks Talk is still active. I do not have plans of shutting down or fading away.

I know I’m probably about a year behind on recording new material, but this summer I transitioned to a new full-time job that has been quite time consuming. That has been the main reason behind my lack of posts, podcasts and insight. I can’t promise this will get better any time soon but I am trying to get settled into my new job before starting my normal flurry of tweets and promises that I’ll have a new podcast out in a week but in reality it’s two months.

You wonderful bastards are the reason I do this account and your support and patience has been legendary.

Training camp is happening and I hope I can use that as an excuse to dedicate some more time on a daily basis to doing what I think I do fairly well, or at least do what entertains you all. Aside from that, this is all I have to say at this time. I promise that once my work starts to settle in things will pick up.

I love you all. 

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