| The End of Ducks Talk
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The End of Ducks Talk

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The End of Ducks Talk

I really can’t think of any other way to write this other than being straight and honest with you all. Ducks Talk and the Ducks Talk Twitter account are officially coming to an end. This is a decision that I made for no other reason than I simply cannot dedicate the time and effort to this product anymore. I always took pride in the quality of my content and used that as my selling point, but as you all have already seen I haven’t been able to record a new show since May 4th of 2017. I keep telling myself, “yeah I’ll get to it eventually,” but that “eventually” has yet to come and I really don’t see it happening anytime soon. I really can’t say I’m a host of a podcast when it hasn’t happened in so long, and I really can’t stay active on that Twitter account anymore. These are the only reasons this is happening.

Ultimately, it’s not fair to any of you or myself, and that’s why I’ve come to this decision. The Ducks Talk Show is officially done, and the @duckstalkshow account will eventually be taken down. I don’t regret anything. I accomplished exactly what I had hoped to; engage with some really amazing fans and meet some new friends through this account. Hell, some of my closest friends I’ve met because I randomly decided one day, “Hey I’m an asshole who likes talking and knows how to tweet and record things!” It really has been great and I’m super stoked that I was able to connect with so many of you, even if we disagreed on certain points there was a mutual respect for one another and that was probably my favorite thing about this. Some people even recognized me walking around Honda Center which was super bizarre to me, but also really amazing that I’ve been able to connect with people over something like hockey.

Some of you just found every reason to argue with me and kept insisting your viewpoint was correct despite having any refutable evidence, and to those people I hope you stub a toe tonight just for good measure…but I still love you.

Regardless of if you only followed my Twitter account, listened to every single episode or only heard a few recordings, I want to thank you. You all were the reason I did this and the reason I continued to do it (somewhat) for so long. While Stephen Janes the Ducks Talk guy won’t be a thing anymore, I would still love to connect with everybody and engage via social media. My information is plastered all over this website, so feel free to stalk me on any applicable social media site and let’s be friends. If not, totally cool!

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