The online resume and portfolio of Stephen Janes, with experience in Event Management, Marketing, Radio Production and Videography
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I have been podcasting since 2005, when I first got hired at my University’s Internet radio station. Starting off, I used to have a classic rock inspired program playing during the Los Angeles rush hour, but I’ve expanded that into several different categories including general sports talk, local sports talk and discussion, technology reviews and news, video games, and more. I’ve also served as Executive Producer for well over 100,000 hours of student-hosted radio content during my career, helping others achieve their dream of becoming the next big podcast personality.


Be sure to check the sub menu items under ‘Podcasts’ in the main menu, where you can find app-based redirects for all of my programs and listen to the latest episodes of each one. Just remember to give each one a listen, follow, and review!

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