Candidate Mixer
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Candidate Mixer

About This Project

To kick-off the student body Elections, we host a Candidate Mixer to help introduce the campus to the students that are running for their respective student body positions. The event is meant to be more laid back and casual in an attempt to be as inviting as possible for students that either don’t know elections are happening, aren’t aware of their peers running for positions, or aren’t inherently interested to begin with. The students attending the event are tasked with speaking with as many candidates as they possibly can; the more candidates they introduce themselves to, the more prizes they are eligible to win. Since this event is always on the first day of student voting, a small virtual polling station is setup outside the event venue to encourage students to vote as soon as they have completed their socializing task. Nearly ninety-percent of students who attend this event have immediately voted and is also one of the reasons the student voting turnout has improved from consistently below eight-percent (out of around 16,000 students) to over twelve percent this past year.