Fee Increase Campaign
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Fee Increase Campaign

Events, Marketing Materials
About This Project

My team and I were tasked with creating a campaign that would tell students that if they voted on increasing the fees that they pay to their student body, the additional funds could usher in a new wave of events, programs and services. Of course, the difficult part was educating the students why this was a good idea, especially in an era where most students are unable to make ends meet.  The campaign started with a website (now just a landing page showing the results) and a social media blitz that focused on the benefits and what students would initially receive if they agreed to this; existing events would grow, new events would emerge, services already offered would be increased, and services often requested by students would be fully funded. At weekly tabling events, the plan was to poll students before and after they heard what the campaign was about in an attempt to get a more accurate reading on not only how we were presenting the information, but how the students were receiving the information. This campaign ran for three months in total and of the 400 students that were polled before the official election, seventy-percent were in favor of increasing their own fees in exchange for improved events and services.