Halloween Haunt
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Halloween Haunt

About This Project

Halloween Haunt is the premiere event of the fall semester at CSU Dominguez Hills. Centered around Halloween, students can participate in an evening complete with a haunted maze, laser tag, pumpkin painting, a costume contest, an escape room and much more. This event has blossomed from being a small “get together” into a carnival-like experience. Since 2018, we invited student clubs and organizations to decorate booths and compete against one another for a chance to win additional funds for their own events and services. Every year, a theme is chosen to help give the event a central idea and motif around decorations, haunted maze setup and costume ideas. To complete the Halloween theme, students are given a bag to “trick or treat” with the various student clubs and departments that are tabling at the event.

I also create promotional videos that serve as a “save the date” for the event, which can be found here.

activities, festival, games, halloween