KDHR Studio Redesign
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KDHR Studio Redesign

  • KDHR - LSU Studio

About This Project

I started working at KDHR in 2005, hired as a student assistant to oversee basic programming, studio maintenance and to help create promotional materials. One of my first major additions to KDHR was researching and creating a podcast channel for the station in 2007, making KDHR one of the first college radio stations to invest in the then-new technology. Aggressive marketing spearheaded by the creation of new social media channels helped KDHR expand its roster from three shows per week in 2005 to three shows per day in 2007, and it continued to expand from there. Today, KDHR is the home for (on average per semester) over 30 student-run live radio shows that become podcasts within a day. During this time, I also created an internship program, helping students understand the basics in radio broadcasting, audio editing, marketing, website design and more. Since the internship program opened, over 70 students have come through and graduated in their respective programs. Once located in the basement of the Library, the studio is now in the center of the Student Union and closer to student life.

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