Voter Registration Day
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Voter Registration Day

About This Project

Featured every year on National Voter Registration Day. Since 2017, over 400 students at CSU Dominguez Hills have either registered to vote or update their registration status. The goal is to make this event as educational and simple as possible. The first year, various different props that would be featured on the California ballot were posted with easy to read pros and cons to help students understand what was actually happening with a yes or no vote. Attended by the University President and State Senator (and CSUDH Alum) Steven Bradford, the event would quickly go from creative use of resources to mainstay on campus. In 2019, with the Presidential Election looming, the focus was to inform students of the different candidates that they might see on their ballot come November 2020 with a quick synopsis on each candidate and their platform. This event received 202 students who registered to vote for the very first time in their lives.

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