The online resume and portfolio of Stephen Janes, with experience in Event Management, Marketing, Radio Production and Videography
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I am an experienced Event Coordinator and Marketing Director with a background in public relations and audio recording, as well as advanced knowledge in cinematography, video editing, web design and graphic design.


My strategy with events is to never settle for adequacy and to accept constructive criticism as much as I welcome compliments. With any event, there is always room for improvement, and I find that the attendees have the most unbiased suggestions on how a situation can be improved. I have experience producing events ranging from casual mixers, entertainment panels, large scale concerts and campus wide conferences.


When it comes to marketing, the challenge is always finding new and creative ways to tell a story. It is important to know who your audience is and what they are interested in. No event can be successful without the proper marketing tools to make your customers interested to begin with.


Additionally, I have experience and advanced knowledge in audio production, video production, and live streaming production with some experience in graphic design and web design. In any workplace, I strive to go beyond the job description to be the most valuable and effective employee while paying this knowledge forward by tutoring anyone who may deem the information valuable. Having spent most of my career at a college university, I have nearly 15 years of experience teaching students of various levels.