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You've checked out the resume, you've seen the work I'm capable of.
Now, get to know me on a more personal level.
Spring Fling_Walk Hard

My name is Stephen Janes, and while it’s hard to pinpoint exactly what my title is, I can say I have experience in event production, marketing, audio tracking and editing, cinematography, video editing and post-production, web design, graphic design, broadcasting and video streaming. Sure, it’s a lot, but there’s a reason for that.


Growing up playing sports almost year round, I never enjoyed being a liability to my team or my friends. I always wanted to be in a position to help and to be useful, which is a mentality that I carry today. I regularly asked my coaches and my teachers to try different roles so I could experience different things in an attempt to be more versatile. To me, this is the best way to prove you are a worthy component to your corporation and exactly what I try to prove every day.


Back in 2005, I was hired to work at a college radio station as a Production Assistant. While creating and planning events was just one part of my job, I also had to advertise and market the different programs we hosted, regularly archive content, update software and hardware and more. While at KDHR, I started the internship program which has since graduated over 60 students from the program. I served as the Station Manager until 2017 when I was given the role of Program Coordinator for the stations governing organization, the Associated Students, Inc.


As the Program Coordinator, one of my main objectives was to develop and tutor the students that I supervise. I focused not just on their strengths and how to play to them, but how to develop their weaknesses into strengths. This goes in line with my mentality of versatility and not being a liability. In other words, development is another skill that I’m experienced in.


When I’m not working, some of my hobbies include playing video games, watching sports, exploring fun new breweries, and traveling. One of my favorite places to visit is Ireland; just being engrossed in the culture and the atmosphere is something that everybody has to experience for themselves.